Inverter-Generator vs Generator

Inverter vs Generator?

Inverter vs Generator? What’s the Difference? Everything You Need to Know

Champion power equipment makes both traditional portable generators and inverter generators but what exactly is

an inverter and why would you wish one.

The video below explains the difference, for those who prefer to read please see below.

All generators have to run on combustible fuel usually gasoline or propane to power a motor attached to an alternator that produces power. Traditional generators use a mechanical alternator to supply AC power while inverted generators convert that AC power to DC power before digitally inverting it back to a cleaner true undulation.

AC power inverters are usually smaller and lighter but also dearer thanks to the high-level electronics used inverters use idle control and are able to run at variable speeds depending on the particular electrical demand which regularly makes them significantly quieter and more fuel-efficient.

This is a crucial feature when using your inverter while camping or together with your RV when a quiet source of portable power is important. Champion inverters become even more fuel-efficient and quieter when running in Eco mode this feature idles down the engine conserves fuel and extends your inverters runtime and engine life.

Inverter-Generator vs Generator

Champion inverters produce a cleaner smoother steadier flow of power with a harmonic distortion of around 3%. Which makes them perfect for powering sensitive electronics like audio or stereo equipment. Champion inverters also can be paired with each other to extend your power capacity. This parallel capability provides you with the facility of larger generators and therefore the transportation Portability and storage convenience of smaller generators.

Champion inverters are a perfect choice for quiet clean fuel-efficient portable power.

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