Whats in the Box

Whats in The Box

This video contains first impressions of the champion mighty atom generator as sold in the UK. Looking for a small suitcase type generator for occasional home use even though power cuts are pretty rare in the UK?   At least where I am the way things are going it seemed prudent to have at […]

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92001i inverter generator

Why Choose Champion Mighty Atom Generator

Introducing Champion Power Equipment’s 2500 watt ultra-light portable inverter generator The Mighty Atom handyhullen selbst gestalten dm read Important Details At 39 pounds this is one of the lightest inverters in its class which makes it perfect for taking on small trips, camping or using recreationally With a total harmonic distortion of less than

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Inverter-Generator vs Generator

Inverter vs Generator?

Inverter vs Generator? What’s the Difference? Everything You Need to Know Champion power equipment makes both traditional portable generators and inverter generators but what exactly is an inverter and why would you wish one. The video below explains the difference, for those who prefer to read please see below. All generators have to run on combustible fuel usually

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What is an Inverter Generator

What is an Inverter Generator

What is an Inverter Generator? Inverter generators are a more modern kind of portable generator with an electronic upgrade. An inverter generator automatically adjusts its engine speed to the present electricity demand, instead of running at a relentless speed irrespective of the load size. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and amplitude. goyard handyhulle show coupons Pros and Cons of Inverter Generators When deciding whether an inverter

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